Unbalancing The Chaos=Balance=Life=Maximalism
4 sculptures
by Shokof and Shokoofandeh

A Shokof & Shokoofandeh Foundation presentation 2016 4 Art will go on exhibition and for an auction start of 4 Billion US Dollars in Los Angeles, California, USA in march 18. 2016

The whole event will be guided and managed by Zuzana Korda in Los Angeles , California, USA

Daryush Shokof & Shaheen Shokoofandeh Foundation

Producer & Owner
Shaeen Shokoofandeh

Auction Organization
Zuzana Korda

Chief Partner
Zuzana Korda

Chief executive for sponsors, law associate for the event and organization of the project in (Paris or Los Angeles)
Zuzana Korda

Partner , Management, Publicity, and Auction organization
Zuzana Korda

Personal Consultant to Mr.Shokof
Behrooz Sanjabi

Assistant to Mr. Shokof
Daryoush Zandi

Chief Consultant to Mr.Shokof in Germany
Guenter Wanitzek Dipl.-Kfm.(FR)

Law Consultant
Taylor Wessing

The law firms representing the event 4 ART
Taylor Wessing

Builders of the Structures
The art Foundry New York

Technical executive
Daryoush Zandi

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